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From African Slave to SAINT

More about St. Josephine Bakhita
Her Death and Miracles
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The Death and Miracles of Saint Bakhita

When Bakhita was in her seventies, she suffered greatly from arthritis, and bouts of asthmatic bronchitis and pneumonia. At first she had to use a stick to get around, and then she was confined to a wheelchair.
As  Bakhita's eventful life drew to a close,  she spent more and more time in the chapel.  For hours and hours she would appear to gaze silently at the Tabernacle or the crucifix.
She once said:  " The suffering caused by illness is more meritorious than any self inflicted mortification.
I am indifferent to living or dying for I am always in His possession....When I am with Him and where He wants me to be, I am perfectly all right He is the Master, I am His little creature. 
"If the Lored calls, we go: not an hour earlier or later, it is so beautiful to do God's Will."
"If the Lord will allow me, I will send lots of graces from Heaven for the salvation of souls."
When she could not attend  Mass, she "Never mind, my Guardian Angel will attend Mass for me, and he will report to me."

Witness of love

Her humility, her simplicity and her constant smile won the hearts of all the citizens. Her sisters in the community esteemed her for her inalterable sweet nature, her exquisite goodness and her deep desire to make the Lord known.

“Be good, love the Lord, pray for those who do not know Him. What a great grace it is to know God!”

As she grew older she experienced long, painful years of sickness. Mother Bakhita continued to witness to faith, goodness and Christian hope. To those who visited her and asked how she was, she would respond with a smile: “As the Master desires.”

Bakhita, at the end of her life, expressed in these simple words, hidden behind a smile, the journey of her life: “I travel slowly, one step at a time, because I am carrying two big suitcases. One of contains my sins, and in the other, which is much heavier, are the infinite merits of Jesus. When I reach heaven I will open the suitcases and say to God: Eternal Father, now you can judge. And to St. Peter: Close the door, because I’m staying.”

A young sister, Mother Angela Mari Silla, felt a slight pain in her left knee early in 1939.  The pain grew progressively worse, until, in the following year, the doctors diagnosed a severe case of arthritic synovitis of the left knee, accompanied by loss of use of the knee, and by the formation of fistulae secreting large quantities of pus.
Over the next eight years, various lengthy methods of treatment were tried, all to no avail.  The young religious was forced to spend long periods in bed.  Near the end of the Second World War, her treatments had to be suspended due to the invasion of the Germans.
After the war, Mother Angela Mari's condition continued to deteriorate and she suffered intensely.  Meanwhile, on February 8, 1947, Sr. Bakhita died. 
In the fall of the same year, the doctor recommended the removal of her kneecap and part of the tibia bone.  The Sister apprehensively awaited the surgery, which was scheduled for October 12th.  As she waited, a fellow Sister, Mother Rachele Ruggeri, offered to pray a novena to Bakhita along with Mother Angela Mari.  The two prayed for nine days.
During the night before the scheduled operation, around 2 a.m., Mother Angela Mari heard a voice say to her, "Get up, wake up, get up and walk!"  Awaking with a sart, she, who could not even stand up before, now began to walk around without support around the room, crying with wonder and joy.  Mother Angela Mari's first thought was rto thank Bakhita. 
The next day the astonished doctors examined and x-rayed the knee, unable to find even a trace of the painful inflammation which had been evident only the night before.
Saint Bakhita, who was also affectionately called "Mother Moretta" by her fellow Religious, was also called upon by a Brazilian woman in 1976.  This woman, Eva da Costa, had long suffered deep diabetic ulcers on her legs, and had come to the point where the doctors felt amputation would be necessary.  When Eva heard Bakhita's story, she reached down to touch her leg and prayed, "Bakhita, you who suffered so much, please help me, heal my legs!"  Immediately her pain disappeared and the next day her legs were perfectly healed.
"Mother Moretta" has also been credited with several other miracles, including the curing of a seminarian with cancer. 
Most of what I have placed here on this website regarding this beautiful Saint comes from various websites, and from the booklet mentioned on the home page. 

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